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Our Coffee

ATGC Coffee proudly creates a more sustainable set of trade practices that benefit women and families through direct trade with small coffee growers in developing countries including Rwanda, Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia. Our mission is to improve the quality of the lives around us by direct-purchasing green beans to ensure better prices for farmers. We source only the best quality and non-GMO, defect-free green beans.

Rwanda Gisanga

We were on the hunt for the best specialty coffee and we found it - Roasted and cupped in Sydney by Gina Di Brita, winner of 2019 Eleonora Genovese Australian Coffee Woman of the Year, co-founder of International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Australia and state and national World Barista Judge for over 10 years. Our protocols hold our coffee to the highest international standard and are designed to identify harmful defects (such as mould), but also to determine the quality in the cup ie: flavours, acidity, sweets, aftertaste and body.

Gina Di Brita

Our Rwanda single-origin is women-led and owned. Through our partnership with Tropic Coffee led by Divine Mutuyimana, we export the highest scoring specialty Arabica coffee. In Rwanda, women drive coffee farming and production yet they battle education and resource gaps. Tropic Coffee empowers Rwandan women farmers, paying a premium price and using fair trade practices, boosting their income and providing training and support to improve the quality of their coffee, increase yields and promote economic independence.

Tropic Coffee